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Terms And Conditions

Cherithelpro.com (this "site") is an online information service provided by Samson Itoje.

This terms and conditions document states the terms and conditions that control your use of this site.

You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions when you choose to use this website (or the services provided by this website) and its agents or affiliates.

Please read this document carefully before accessing or using the site.

By using this site you agree that you have read and understand this terms and conditions (herein after called "agreement") and that your use of this site or the services provided by this site and its agents or affiliates will be governed by the terms of this agreement.

Please endeavour to read this agreement from time to time as your use of this web site is governed by this agreement and any future modifications or amendments.

You understand and agree that your continued use of this site after any future modifications or amendments constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions as amended.

The Terms

1. Eligibility: You must be at least the legal age required by the laws in your city, state or country to access this site or participate in our affiliate program. By using the services of this site you state that you are not breaking any local or international law on age restriction for our kind of service. You agree not to hold Cherithelpro.com, Samson Itoje, or any of its agents or affiliates liable in the event that you fail to abide by the laws of your city or country on web site access and age restriction.

2. Accuracy of Information: Potential customers (and customers) must provide Cherithepro.com with accurate information when sending us a request for information through the feedback forms on this site and when purchasing the products or services sold on this site. You agree to provide us with your correct name, email address, phone number, and any other information requested when you fill any feedback form or order form anywhere on this site.

3A. Refund Policy For Ebooks And E-Courses:

(i) We offer 7 days refund policy for ebooks and e-courses sold on this web site. This means that if you buy any ebook or e-course on this web site and you are convinced that you did not learn anything valuable from reading the ebook or training manuals... or watching the videos for the video course, you can request a refund within 7 days of the purchase.

(ii) We offer 100% refunds for purchases of ebooks or e-courses made through PayPal, if the refund request was made within 7 days of purchasing the product.

(iii) We charge 10% handling fees for purchases made in Naira. Therefore, we refund only 90% of the purchase amount if the refund request was made within 7 days of the purchase.

3B. Refund Policy For Services: We do not offer refunds for services rendered. The services we offer include the following: web site (and sales funnel) creation services, one-on-one coaching services, copywriting services, image creation services, video creation services, real estate consultancy services and any other services that may be introduced in the future. We do not offer refunds for any services that we sell on this web site or any of our other web sites.

3C: Refund Policy For Property Purchase: We are a real estate agency that sell properties owned by real estate developers in Nigeria. We also sell properties owned by individuals.

Our clients pay directly to the property owner when they buy a property through our real estate agency service.

Consequently, the refund policy for property purchase transactions is the refund policy of the seller. And the seller's refund policy will be implemented by the seller not us.

You understand and agree with this policy when you choose to buy a property using our real estate agency service.

4. Server Uptime & Accessibility: We cannot guarantee that the server hosting this web site will be 100 percent up or accessible to you 100 percent of the time.

You agree to re-visit this site again at a different time if for any reason the site is temporarily down or inaccessible to you.

You agree that Cherithelpro.com, Samson Itoje, and any of their agents will not be held liable for any losses or assumed losses (real or imagined) due to server down time, web site downtime, or web site inaccessibility.

5. Privacy: We collect personal information on this site when you request for information through any of our feedback forms, purchase forms, and free ebook offer forms. We use this information to send you regular updates and provide you the required services. We do NOT sell your personal data. We detest spam!

Click HERE to read our complete privacy policy.

6. Affiliate Income Publication: We may, at our sole discretion, announce the names and earnings of top performing affiliates and use their success stories to promote our affiliate program. By participating in our affiliate program, you authorize us to use your performance information as we deem fit.

7. Warranty or Guarantee: We offer no warranty or guarantee for the information provided on this web site. This web site is provided 'as is'. Each visitor to this site will be accountable and responsible for any action or inaction taken by him or her based on the information provided on this site.

8. Income Expectations: There is no guarantee that you will make any money when you participate in our affiliate program. We provide the education and tools we believe members (and affiliates) need to make money. Whether you make money or not depends 100% on you. You agree that you will not hold Cherithelpro.com, Samson Itoje or any of their agents or affiliates liable if you fail to generate the level of income you expect from our affiliate program or the level of price growth you expect from the properties you bought through us or if you fail to generate any income at all.

Click HERE to read our full income disclaimer statement.

9A. Content You Post In Our Facebook Group: Customers are invited to join our Facebook group where they can ask questions, increase their knowledge and help and be helped. You understand and agree that you are responsible for the accuracy and originality of any content you post in our Facebook group. Your content will be immediately deleted if it is found to be a violation of anyone's copyright, contains distasteful language, is blatant or subtle self promotion or links to sites that promote pyramid schemes or other illegal activities. And you also risk being removed from the group.

9B. Facebook Group Membership: Our Facebook group is not a paid-for-service by our customers. It is an optional (and FREE) extra layer of service that we provide customers who choose to join the group. Group membership is not tied to any specific product purchased. It is an optional (and FREE) group for both paid and free members of our web site. We reserve the right to remove any member from the group who we deem to have violated our community guidelines. And our decision is final.

10. Use of Your Content: By posting any content in our Facebok group, you give cherithelpro.com, Samson Itoje and any of their agents the irrevocable right to use such content in promotional materials and in any other way they deem fit without any written or oral permission from you.

11. Limitation of Liability: By using this web site you agree not to hold Cherithelpro.com, Samson Itoje or any of their agents liable for any losses due to server down time, data losses, security issues, privacy issues, delays in service delivery or anything else that negatively impacts you or your business.

12. Dispute Resolution: You understand and agree that any dispute arising from your use of this web site or the products and services provided by this web site and which results in a lawsuit will be settled in a court of law in Lagos state Nigeria.

13. Modifications: We reserve the right to make changes to any aspect of this site, the services provided by this site, and our revenue sharing program and pay plan as we deem fit. You agree that posting the updated terms of service or program changes on this site is appropriate and sufficient notice. And your continued use of this site or our services indicate acceptance of the changes.

14. Spam Advertising: You must not promote this site (or our affiliate program) through any spam techniques or by sending unsolicited emails to people with whom you do not have a prior relationship. Your account will be terminated without notice and you will lose any unpaid earnings if you engage in spam advertising.

15. Independent Marketers / Affiliates:

(i) You understand that independent marketers (or affiliates) are independent contractors for Cherithelpro.com and Samson Itoje. They are not our employees. You agree that as an independent marketer (or affiliate) you will not speak on behalf of cherithelpro.com and Samson Itoje, place ads using the name of this web site or the name of the author, or do anything that contravenes good business ethics or damages the reputation of Cherithelpro.com, Samson Itoje, or any of their agents. Cherithelpro.com and Samson Itoje reserves the right to terminate the account of any affiliate who violates the terms of this agreement.

(ii) Each affiliate is given a unique affiliate link when they signup to because our independent marketers or affiliates. You cannot purchase our products using your affiliate link. The affiliate link you receive when you join our affiliate program is specifically for sending potential clients to this web site. And we pay you the appropriate commission when people you refer to this web site buy from this web site.

Your affiliate account will be banned and you will lose any earnings in your account if you purchase from this web site using your affiliate link.

16. Our Products And Services: We reserve the right to modify our products and services, delete any product or service, or adjust product and service pricing to match market dynamics. You agree that posting the changes on this site is sufficient notice.

17. Affiliate Compensation: Our affiliate compensation plan is explained in detail in the members area of this site. We reserve the right to modify the program and the pay plan at any time to deliver the best value for our affiliates and Cherithelpro.com.

18. Indemnification: You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Cherithelpro.com, Samson Itoje, their agents, suppliers and any third party information or service providers from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including reasonable attorneys' fees, resulting from any violation of this Agreement (including negligent or wrongful conduct) by you or any other person accessing the Service.

This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement between our site visitors, customers and affiliates of Cherithelpro.com, Samson Itoje and their agents. And this agreement supersedes all prior agreements between the parties regarding the subject matter contained herein.

Do not access or use the services of this site if you do not agree with this terms and conditions stated on this page.

Last Updated: December 24, 2021

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