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Income Disclaimer

This income disclaimer page is provided to help you understand what we do on this web site as well as what our responsibilities are and what yours is.

The information provided on this web site is provided for educational purposes only.

This means that each individual who interacts with the information provided on this web site is responsible for his or her own decisions.

You are solely responsible for the decisions you make after reading the books and watching the video courses on this web site.

As you read the pages of this web site, read any of the books sold on this web site or take any of the e-courses sold (or promoted) on this web site, always remember that the author simply shares his perspective on Nigeria Real Estate Investing based on years of actual practice.

Nevertheless, Samson Itoje always encourage his readers and subscribers to do their own personal research as they are responsible for their own decisions, right or wrong, good or bad.

We Do Not Promote Get Rich Quick Schemes

Real estate investing success (or high return on real estate investing) does not happen over night.

Success in real estate investing requires patience and persistence. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

Consequently, we do not promote Get-Rich-Quick schemes because there is no quick (or easy) way to get rich.

Nevertheless, if you are ready to take on the challenge... and humble yourself enough to learn from an experienced Nigeria Realtor...

...an apply what you have learned effectively, you are likely to increase your chance at achieving financial security through Nigeria real estate investing.

However, there are NO GUARANTEES.

It is possible for the price of your Lagos property to grow by 10 times the original purchase price in 10 years. But there is no guarantee that it will grow at that rate.

Affiliate Program Earnings

We offer a two-tier affiliate program which is a revenue sharing program that gives our members an opportunity to earn a share of the selling price of our products as commission when they refer buyers to us using their affiliate link.

This means that how much any member of this web site can earn from our affiliate program depends on the total number of purchases by customers he directly or indirectly refers to this web site.

Some of our marketing materials show example sales numbers and the potential income that members can earn when they achieve those sales numbers.

Please understand that anywhere we use example sales numbers, they are purely for illustrative purposes to demonstrate what income level is possible when members with great selling skills refer tens of customers to this web site using their affiliate link. And when they refer tens of other great sales people to join our affiliate program.

The income level mentioned in example sales numbers on this web site (or in any of our marketing materials) is not reflective of what the average person will earn from this affiliate program.

The truth is: the average person is afraid of selling.

Therefore, the average person will take little to no action after reading about our affiliate program. And, hence, they are likely to earn little or nothing from this affiliate program.

However, people who are passionate about selling (and who passionately recommend our products and affiliate program to others) are likely to earn the level of income that match their level of marketing creativity, selling skills and leadership skills.

Bottom line.

The sales numbers used on our affiliate program page on this web site (and in our marketing materials) are for illustrative purposes only.

There is no guarantee that you (and your downlines) will generate the same level of sales volume or earn the same level of income when you join our affiliate program.

This Is Not Financial Or Legal Advice!

The author of this web site, Samson Itoje, is not a licensed financial advisor. Neither is he a licensed attorney.

Therefore, do not take any of the views expressed on this web site, in any of his books or any of his courses as financial advice or legal advice.

This web site does not constitute legal or financial advice.

Talk to your attorney if you need legal advice.

Talk to a licensed / accredited accountant or financial consultant if you need financial advice.

This web site merely shares Samson Itoje's perspective on Nigeria real estate investing based on his experience as a home owner and real estate agent in Lagos Nigeria.

Whatever decisions you make (after interacting with the information on this web site) is yours not that of Samson Itoje or anyone of his agents or affiliates.

Do your own research and make the right decisions.

It is your responsibility!

You are accountable for your decisions!

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