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Earn Commission When You Refer People To Our Real Estate Training

We pay 40% commission to anyone who refer customers to our Lagos real estate training program.

The training program is called...

Lagos Real Estate Investing Mastermind

If the person you referred to the training goes ahead and buy any of our ebooks, you will also get 40% commission on their purchase.

If they proceed to buy any property from us, you will also earn 40% of the marketing budget of the property as commission.

How To Refer People To The Training

How do you refer people to our real estate training program?

Always refer people to our real estate training by sending them your affiliate link.

When someone clicks your affiliate link and signup for the training, our affiliate program software will recognise the person as coming from you.

And we will pay you 40% of the event ticket price as commission.

You will also earn 40% of whatever other product the person buys from this web site, as mentioned above...

And as explained further in the terms and conditions page of this web site.

How To Get Your Affiliate Link

Our affiliate program is powered by Groove.

So, you need to first log into your Groove account to get access to your affiliate link.

Don't have a Groove Account?

No problem.

You can create a FREE Groove account for yourself in the promotion tools widget Section below.

First, let me give you a bit of information about the promotion tools widget.

About The Promotion Tools Widget

If you look closely at The Widget section below, you will notice that it has two tabs.

The first tab says:

Login To Your Groove Account

The second tab says:

Create Your Free Groove Account

If you already have a Groove account...

Enter the email and password for your Groove account in the form below to login.

You will get access to your affiliate link after you log into your Groove account using the form in the promotion tools widget section below.

If you do not have a Groove account...

Click the tab that says Create Free Groove Account to create a free Groove account for yourself.

Then click the first tab that says Login To Your Groove Account and then enter the email and password you just used to create your new Groove account to login.

The promotion tools widget will open and reveal all the resources available to you to refer customers to this web site.


Click the CHAIN that you see in the promotions tools widget (after you login) to see your affiliate links.

NOTE 1: We sell several products on this web site. And each product has its own affiliate link. So, you will see several links under the affiliate links tab after you login

NOTE 2: The affiliate link you should use for promoting our real estate training program is the affiliate link under the title...

Mastermind: Real Estate Training

The Widget

Below is the Promotion Tools Widget

NOTE 3: It takes a minute or 2 for the promotion tools widget to load. Be patient.

Please wait for the promotion tools widget to load

NOTE 4: If the space below remains blank for a long time or you get an error message. Please refresh (or reload) this page.

NOTE 5: If you see a chain (or the word logout) in the promotion tools widget below, it means you have already logged into your Groove account.

NOTE 6: Click the chain to see your affiliate links

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