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Help A Friend, Relative Or Colleague.

Do you have a brother, sister, relative, friend or colleague you care so much about?

If your answer is Yes...

Then this message is for you.

I want to give you an opportunity to offer help to people you care about.

What kind of help am I talking about?

Let me share this fact with you to help you understand how you can help people you care about.


The greater the number of properties you own at the time of retirement, the more enjoyable your life will be after retirement.

Why is that so?

It is because the price of properties increase over time.

In fact, if you buy a property in Lagos today for 5 million Naira, the selling price of that property can increase to as high as 50 million Naira in 10 to 12 years.

In simple words:

The more Lagos properties you acquire during your working years, the richer you will become by the time you're due for retirement.

How To Help People You Care About

You may wonder:

How does this truth about the wealth-building power of Lagos properties relate to you helping your relatives, friends and colleagues?

It is pretty simple.

As you're already aware, my name is Samson Itoje.

I help Nigerians living in Nigeria and outside Nigeria invest profitably in Lagos real estate so they can massively grow their wealth and retire wealthy.

When you recommend my real estate investing service to your relatives, friends and colleagues, you give them an opportunity to invest profitably in Lagos real estate.

And when they invest profitably in Lagos real estate, they grow their wealth to the point where they retire rich (or SUPER Rich).

When they retire rich (or SUPER rich), they can pay their bills comfortably after retirement.

And, therefore...

...they will not crash from Grace to Grass after retirement

...they will not become a financial burden on their relatives and friends after retirement.

I know you want the very best life possible for your brothers, sisters, relatives and friends.

I know you want them to remain financially independent even after retirement.

I know you do not want any of them to slide into poverty after retirement.

So, what can you do to help them?

Simply recommend my real estate investing service to them.

When they invest in Lagos properties using my professional Lagos Realtor service, they will buy problem-free properties in Lagos.

And those properties will increase in value year after year... and help them pay all their bills and remain financially independent after retirement.

Here's the other side of the coin.

People who recommend my Lagos Realtor service to relatives, friends and colleagues are called affiliates.

And I reward my affiliates every time they send me a customer.

What do I pay my affiliates when they send me a customer?

I pay my affiliates 40% of my earnings when someone they referred to me buy from me.

This revenue sharing system is called affiliate program.

How To Refer Customers To This Web Site And Earn Commission

Now the big question:

How do you refer customers to this web site so that you can earn 40% commission per sale?

You refer customers to this web site using your affiliate link, which you can copy from the members area of this web site.

Anyone you send your affiliate link to who then clicks the link to visit this web site will be registered as referred to us by you.

And we will pay you the appropriate commission when they buy from this web site.

Follow the steps below to get your affiliate link:

1. Click HERE to log into the members area of this Lagos real estate investing academy

NOTE 1: Your username and password was sent to you earlier when you created your member account.

NOTE 2: Check your email inbox for an email from GrooveMember... our web host. The email contains your username and password

NOTE 3: Check the spam folder of your email if you can'y find the email from GrooveMember in your inbox

NOTE 4: If you have a Gmail account, check for the email in the promotions folder if you can't find it in your inbox

2. Tap on the affiliate program manual course after you log in

3. Tap on the affiliate link section

4. Read the page and watch the video on how to get your affiliate link

5. Copy your affiliate link

6. Send your affiliate link to everyone you like or love

7. Follow-up with them and encourage them to click on the link you sent them so they can join this Lagos real estate investing academy


This Lagos real estate investing academy does two things:

1) It provides ebooks and ecourses to help you and your friends and relatives get the real estate investing education you need to invest profitably in Lagos real estate

2) It provides a portfolio of problem-free Lagos properties you and your friends and relatives can buy so you can massively grow your wealth and retire SUPER RICH

So, don't be shy.

Follow the steps above to refer your friends and relatives to this Lagos real estate investing academy.

It's a win-win offer.

They win. And you win.

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