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Affiliate Program Terms And Conditions

1) You must be at least 18years old to participate in our affiliate program

2) You understand that independent marketers (or affiliates) are independent contractors for Cherithelpro.com. They are not our employees.

You agree that as an independent marketer (or affiliate) you will not speak on behalf of cherithelpro.com, place ads using the name of this site or the name of the author, or do anything that contravenes good business ethics or damages the reputation of Cherithelpro.com, Samson Itoje, or any of their agents.

Cherithelpro.com and the author reserves the right to terminate the account of any affiliate who violates the terms of this agreement.

3) Each affiliate is given a unique affiliate link when they signup to become our affiliates. You cannot purchase our products using your own affiliate link. That is called affiliate fraud.

The affiliate link you get from the promotion tools widget in the members area of this web site is specifically for sending potential customers to this site. And we pay you the appropriate commission when people you refer to this web site buy from this web site.

Your affiliate account will be banned and you will lose any earnings in your account if you purchase from this web site using your own affiliate link.

4) You MUST refer people to this web site using your affiliate link in order to qualify to earn commission from us when they buy from this web site

5) The commission we pay our affiliates for referring customers to this web site is explained in our affiliate program manual and affiliate program video.

In summary:

Digital Product Commission:

Tier 1 Commission: 40% of the selling price

Tier 2 Commission: 10% of the selling price

Property Sale Commission:

Tier 1 Commission: 40% of the marketing budget

Tier 2 Commission: 10% of the marketing budget

6) Commission for digital products is calculated as a percentage of the selling price of the product while commission for property sale is calculated as a percentage of the marketing budget of the property in question.

7) The commission for our Lagos Real Estate Investing Mastermind Packages is as follows:

Tier 1 commission: 40% of the selling price

Tier 2 commission: 10% of the selling price

8) The 30 days affiliate challenge bonus increase feature does not apply to our Mastermind Packages

9) The final commission payout to affiliates who referred customers to this web site is determined by the finance team. And their decision is final.

10) Commission Payment Timeline for Digital Products: Commission payout is made to affiliates who generated sales 10 days after the sale occurred

11) Commission Payment Timeline For Property Sale: Commission payout to clients who referred property purchase customers to us normally happen within 3 days after we receive payment of the marketing budget from the owner of the property that was sold.

12) Taxes and affiliate payments: We will deduct vat and withholding tax from your affiliate earnings and pay you the balance. These are legal requirements so it is mandatory that we do so.

13) We do not offer discounts on any of our products. Therefore, you must not promise any sort of discount when promoting our products or services. This is a very serious matter. Any affiliate promising or advertising discounts on our products or services will be banned from participating in our affiliate program.

14) Affiliate Fraud: Our affiliate program gives everyone an opportunity to earn extra money when they refer customers to us. We want you to make as much money as possible from this revenue sharing program. However, do not get greedy and attempt to defraud us through cunning tactics. We have a fraud detection system in place. And we will catch anyone who attempts to defraud us through the affiliate reward system. When you're caught using shady tactics to attempt to make more money from our system, you will be banned and dismissed from the program. And any pending affiliate payments will be withheld to cover the financial losses incurred due to the affiliate fraud uncovered.

15) Affiliate Income Publication: We may, at our sole discretion, announce the names and earnings of top performing affiliates and use their success stories to promote our affiliate program.

By participating in our affiliate program, you authorize us to use your performance information as we deem fit in promoting our affiliate program.

16) Spam Advertising: You must not promote this site (or our affiliate program) through any spam techniques or by sending unsolicited emails to people with whom you do not have a prior relationship. Your account will be terminated without notice and you will lose any unpaid earnings if you engage in spam advertising.

17) Income Expectations: There is no guarantee that you will make any money when you participate in our affiliate program.

We provide the education and tools we believe members (and affiliates) need to make money. Whether you make money or not depends 100% on you. You agree that you will not hold Cherithelpro.com, Samson Itoje or any of their agents or affiliates liable if you fail to generate the level of income you expect from our affiliate program.

Click HERE to read our full income disclaimer statement.

18) Affiliate Compensation Plan: We reserve the right to modify our affiliate program and the compensation plan at any time to deliver the best value for our affiliates and Cherithelpro.com.

19) Anyone from anywhere in Nigeria (and anywhere in the world can join our affiliate program). However, your affiliate earnings will be paid to your bank account in Nigeria. So, you need to have an account in a Nigerian bank to receive your commission.

20) Dispute Resolution: You understand and agree that any dispute arising from your use of this web site or the products and services provided by this web site and which results in a lawsuit will be settled in a court of law in Lagos state Nigeria.

Click HERE to read the complete terms and conditions for this web site.

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